Arlington Telephone System Installation

Arlington businesses can benefit from the VOIP installation to save money while meeting their communication needs.

  • VOIP Installation Reduces Long Distance Fees:  By using the Internet instead of other types of telephone connection businesses realize a financial savings for all long distance calls.  VOIP service allows companies with multiple locations to avoid telephone lines and the long distance costs associated with calls through a traditional phone provider.

  • VOIP Installation Reduces The Amount Businesses Spend on Travel:  Since it is possible to use online conferencing, there is no need to travel, reducing costs and saving time.

  • VOIP Installation Increases Productivity: Integrating a company’s VOIP communication helps to simplify applications for employees and increases productivity.  Employees can work from multiple locations with effective access to meet telecommunication needs.


While many businesses find coordinating installation to be problematic, c2m Tech offers the experience to ensure your next project occurs without any hitches.  The company offers large network of technicians along with complete quotes for any job.

VOIP telephone systems cost less than conventional phone systems.  Their low monthly fees make the service much more affordable.  In most cases, once the monthly fee is paid, businesses enjoy unlimited calling across the USA.  Most providers also offer packages allowing users to make frequent calls out of the USA.  Business that make a large number of long distance calls find the savings brought by unlimited calling to be very large.

Internet protocol telephony offers a convenient method of linking business branches together.  Even when branches are physically separated by long distances, they can be linked by extensions on the same account using the Internet.  Call transfers may be made between two branches located in cities across the country or around the world from each other.  This is made possible through the use of phone service routed over an Internet connection rather than a standard phone line.

It is possible to customize the VOIP system so it meets you unique needs.  With almost four decades of VOIP experience in Arlington and across the state, we offer the experience to plan, install and support your business’ VOIP service.


Our group of technical support personnel can meet the challenges required by rapid deployments or quick moves.  VOIP services by c2m Tech can meet the needs of rapid deployment for customers of any size in hospitality, restaurant or retail industries.

If in the market for a new phone system that included VOIP technology, there is no better time than today to connect c2m Tech.  These systems can help to reduce your company’s phone budget.  They also offer more effective communications for employees, vendors and customers.  VOIP installation by c2m Tech can move one’s business communication to the world of tomorrow.