Brandt Construction

Brandt teams up with c2mtech

When Sonny Brandt started his air conditioning business in 1952, he saw the problem — hot Dallas summers and a growing population — and created a solution. This is the strategic mentality that led to multiple expansions over the years, ultimately culminating in Brandt being the construction and design powerhouse it is today.

Now Brandt has a presence in all of the major Texas cities and more than $550 million per year in revenue.

The company offers full-service solutions for large engineering projects, from design to construction to commissioning to service. The firm employs more than 2,700 professional craftsmen, designers, engineers and technicians to come up with the perfect plan for each project.

Brandt prides itself on sticking with its core values — care, integrity, perseverance and agility — even as the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we are doing business.

Getting on Board with Virtual Meetings

To give employees more flexibility to meet virtually, Brandt called on c2mtech to outfit seven conference, board and huddle meeting rooms at its Carrollton headquarters.

c2mtech kicked off the project by upgrading the category 6 cabling for a faster network and seamless video conferencing experience. Occupancy sensors from our partner Crestron were installed in each meeting room. The ceiling-mounted motion-detecting sensors work in areas up to 2,000 square feet and can be used to control lighting, climate and other devices. Teams can set up a meeting in advance. Or, if there are no reservations, they can walk into the room and allow the Crestron occupancy sensors to automatically report that the meeting room is in use.

Brandt chose the Crestron TSS 10.1-inch room-scheduling kit for the entrance of the rooms. The smooth white touch screen is versatile, integrating with scheduling apps and software including Crestron Fusion, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar and more. Attendees can easily book meeting rooms and attend.

In two of the seven rooms, c2mtech installed the Crestron Flex B160-T video conference system that pairs with Microsoft Teams or Skype. This solution supports single or dual video displays, a 10.1-inch touch screen and the Smart Soundbar & Camera to cover all virtual meeting needs.

The soundbar not only has high-powered speakers and microphones — it also includes a Huddly IQ camera with an ultra wide angle to capture the entire conference room in full HD 1080 resolution. The camera has Genius Framing, a detection-based auto-zoom that focuses on the people who are talking. Installation of a point-to-point signal extender finished the A/V capabilities. Signal extenders allow for video resolutions up to 4K, as well as 3D video and deep color. The result is a professional video conferencing experience with recording capabilities.

Before launch, c2mtech tested connections for Brandt’s entire conference system, installed and tested all hardware, and trained staff, demoing the new equipment.

Now that Brandt has the latest in video conferencing tech, the company is equipped to collaborate on complex projects in-house and with clients — even while socially distanced.